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where we represented one of the church leaders in the high profile City Harvest Church case.  It was one of the longest criminal trials in Singapore, with novel issues of law being canvassed at trial and before the appellate courts.  As a result of this case, Parliament amended the Penal Code to apply the enhanced punishment for criminal breach of trust to a wider category of persons entrusted with property. 

where we acted for an Indonesian hotel owner in an arbitration and subsequent court proceedings commenced by an European hotel management company.  Complex issues of Indonesian law were also raised during the arbitration.  The Court of Appeal’s decision eventually led to the change in the SIAC Rules allowing the arbitral tribunal to decide, where appropriate, any issue raised in the parties’ submissions, provided that the issue has been clearly brought to the notice of the other party and there has been adequate opportunity to respond.

where we represented one of the defendants in a high-value contractual dispute.  The trial judge described this case as “responsible for generating two landmark decisions of the Court of Appeal .. on the question whether a person can be ordinarily resident in two jurisdictions for the purposes of security for costs, and .. on the seminal definition of “dispute” for the purposes of applying for a stay of proceedings under the International Arbitration Act”. Interesting issues of law involving piercing the corporate veil/alter ego and unjust enrichment were canvassed at the trial and subsequent appeal, reported at Alwie Handoyo v Tjong Very Sumito [2013] 4 SLR 308

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